The quickest and easiest way to safely transport your ATV/UTV!

Is your ATV/UTV breaking loose on your trailer? Do your straps break, or come undone on long hauls? Would you like to ensure that your ATV/UTV is stabilized, and does not damage your end gate, or get damaged by possibly falling off of the trailer? There is a solution!

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The Drive-Over Chock is the first ATV/UTV trailer chock that is only set in place once, and stabilizes all tires on a single axle simply by driving over it! Just screw the Drive-Over Chock to your trailer bed with the lag screws provided, and drive over it. It’s set to keep your vehicle in place while transporting it! Straps should be used in tandem with the chock to ensure stability if traveling on public roads.

What others say

  • person3

    Sgt. Jeff Walker


    “The DOC makes our trips to the deer lease a lot smoother and faster. It's always kept our ATV's in position on long hauls, and was only installed one time! It's easy and useful.”

  • person2

    David Maxwell

    Apache Mulching and Land Services

    “The D.O.C. has saved me a lot of time and money in my land clearing business. I use trailers everyday moving equipment and UTV’s from site to site. Until now I would strap everything down, and they would still come undone, and vehicles would shift and damage each other, and the trailer ramp. Since installing the Drive-Over Chocks months ago – no problems! Everything is in the same place as I left it!”

  • person1

    Clover Carroll

    New Story Media

    “There is nothing else out there like the Drive-Over Chock. It works as good as it looks, and you will be very glad you bought one, or two!”

The Original Drive-Over Chock - 4"

  • The Original Drive-Over Chock 4” tall 6” wide and 72” long
    28 lbs
    Use: Golf carts, ATV’s, UTV’s

Heavy Duty Drive-Over Chock - 5”

  • Heavy Duty Drive-Over Chock 5” tall 6” wide and 72” long
    57 lbs
    Use: ATV’s, UTV’s, vehicles
Sub-Total: $0

Drive-Over Chock Installation Video


  • Use 4WD to get over the Drive-Over Chocks easier. Leave a gap between the tires and the D.O.C. when mounting for best results.
  • Off Road Vehicles – Mount 2 Heavy Duty 5" D.O.C’s
  • Large or lifted UTV’s – Mount 2 Original D.O.C’s, or 1 HD 5" D.O.C. behind the rear axle
  • Most ATV’s and UTV’s – Mount 1 Original, or 1 HD 5" D.O.C. behind the rear axle
  • Small ATV’s – Mount 1 Original behind the rear axle
  • Golf Carts and other 2WD vehicles – Mount 1 Original behind the FRONT AXLE
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